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Aytos engineering – design and construction


Waste water treatment plant of the city of Aytos “Completion of main branch I and main branch III of the sewage network of the city of Aytos and all accompanying facilities / overflows, retainers, sewage inspection shafts, etc./

Contractor: HИDROKAN  LTD  design and construction ART STROY LTD – Smolyan

Program: Operational Program “Environmental Development 2014-2020”.

Project development period: 2017-2018.

Period of construction: 2018-2020.

Phase: Technical design

The technical project consists of the following parts: Water Supply, Sewerage, Geology, Structures, Geodesy, Drainage, Roadway Restoration, Health and Safety Plan and Fire Safety.

Scope of the project:

  • Main branch I from pipe PP SN DN ø800 with a length of 1053.21m,
  • Main branch III of pipe PP SN DN ø600 with a length of 1468.78m,
  • Holding tank 1 with a volume of 125m3 – reinforced concrete with an emergency discharger 1 with a length of 18.50m
  • Detention tank 2 with a volume of 60m3 – tubular made of GRP (glass plastic) with an emergency discharger 2 with a length of 51.07m,
  • sewer manholes
  • building sewer diversions

The wastewater treatment plant of the city of Aytos is designed to collect and treat pollution for 22,044 equivalent inhabitants. The technological scheme envisages mechanical and full biological treatment of waste water with nitrogen and phosphorus removal, stabilization and mechanical dewatering of excess sludge.

The result of the implementation of the project – connectivity of the existing sewage system serving the population with the Wastewater Treatment Plant – Aytos, through which wastewater treatment will be achieved.

Phase: Construction

The project is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union, the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria, through the operational program “Environment 2014-2020.” and Aytos Municipality

The total value of the project is BGN 18,262,282.82 (€9,131,141)

Financing from the Cohesion Fund (EU): BGN 11,513,369.03 (€5,756,700)

National co-financing: BGN 2,031,771.01 (€ 1,031,500)

Aytos Municipality contribution: BGN 4,717,142.78 (€2,355,700)

Amount of the granted grant: BGN 34,050,049. (€17,025,100).

  • Construction of a wastewater treatment plant for the city of Aytos, bringing and discharging collectors and the accompanying infrastructure, such as water supply, site roads, external power supply, etc.; – BGN 11,973,000 (€5,598,700)
  • Completion of Main Branch I and Main Branch III of the sewerage network of the town of Aytos and all accompanying facilities – overflows, retainers, shafts, etc. – BGN 1,683,600 (€841,500)

Beneficiary name: Aytos Municipality

Year of site completion: 2020

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